That Which Was Once Familiar

2021-04-28 00:00:00 - 2021-05-02 00:00:00

Dancehouse - 150 Princes Street North Carlton 3054 VICTORIA

That Which Was Once Familiar (TWOFF) investigates how culture inscribes gender and sexuality onto the flesh sacks we walk around in… our bodies. Zoë Bastin combines movement with sculpture as dancers explore the abstract, object-like parts of themselves such as the form, weight, scale and shape of how they move. Deviating from the ways they are expected to perform, they find new ways to become bodies that are less familiar.

That Which Was Once Familiar engages choreography and sculpture to ascribe agency to performing bodies by rebelling against the way society often objectifies women. By focussing on what a body is capable of no matter what orientation, gender, age or ability, the use of scored movement, live and recorded music and improvisation are employed in the pursuit for freedom and autonomy beyond outdated societal constraints.

Choreographer & Dancer: Zoë Bastin
Dancers: Hayley Does, Tizana Saunders, Julia Luby, Al Jefimenko and Sue Hockey
Sound Designer & Composer: Grace Ferguson
Guitar Musician: Byron Meyer
Set & Sculpture Designer: Zoë Bastin
Costume Designer: Kitty Garry
Makeup: Meg McConville
Producer: Natasha Phillips
Associate Producer & Stage Manager: Josephine Mead